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Air Ambulance

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance provides highly specialized air ambulance transportation.

Bedside-to-Bedside Air Ambulance Service This service is for patients in need of Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, or Critical Care. Patients not well enough to travel on a commercial flight. These Air Ambulance Aircraft are able to transport a critically injured or sick patient from all over the world back to your destination of choice. Air Ambulance aircraft are capable of flying to smaller airports that are closest to Hospitals, thus minimizing transport time.

This service is provided utilizing private aircraft that are medically configured to handle any possible emergency during flight. The service begins at the bedside of the patient, where our medical team will initiate the care of the patient. Our Mission Control Center will arrange ground ambulance on both ends. Our Medical Team will travel with the patient at all times.

The air ambulance service ends when our team safely transfers care to a receiving Doctor or Nurse at the destination facility.

All air ambulance staffing and equipment are customized to the patient’s particular needs, and because of the location of our bases, we are usually the quickest option to arrive at the patient’s bedside in Mexico, Latin America and South America. We coordinate all aspects of the service and provide assistance to the patient and other family members every step of the way. We eliminate the obstacles and get it done.

Double Stretcher on an Air Ambulance

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance has at its disposal full double stretcher Air Ambulance aircraft able to transport 1 intensive care and 1 lying patient or 2 lying patients. The repatriation of two patients on a double stretcher can be cheaper than two stretchers on a scheduled aircraft and it is definitively faster and more convenient.