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Air Ambulance Bases

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is an American company with administrative offices in Florida.

Our Seasonal operational bases are geographically chosen, not only to better serve our customers but also because it gives our service specific advantages over other providers.

We are a "hybrid" company: one that has the advantages of a US company with truly global reach combined with local and regional knowledge.

Our Air Ambulance program complies with strict International policies and procedures with the advantage of a multicultural team that can easily coordinate and operate anywhere in the world.

Operating air ambulance flights in Latin America and other remote areas such as Africa or Asia is unusual and tricky. To begin with, ground handling, fueling, landing permits and over-flight permits need to be carefully arranged and it is always quicker and easier if you speak their same language and understand their culture.

Also, airports in third world countries are few and far between compared to the dense concentration of airports in the U.S.A. and Europe.

Pilots as well as logistic staff experienced in International air ambulance missions know that careful mission planning and regional knowledge are essential.

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