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Organ Transportation

Emergency Organ and recipient Transportation

Organ transplants are fast-paced medical dramas that hold the promise of a new life. The medical teams involved in transplant surgeries need lots of skill and good luck. With time virtually always against them, they need a transport team they can fully count on. Jet Rescue Air ambulance service is the choice of hospitals and transplant surgeons, because we are known for our dependability, speed and precautionary safety measures.

Dependability We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our network of over 3000 Aircraft are ready to respond to your emergency immediately. We also have a fleet of all-new, ultra-modern vehicles to preclude mechanical failures in transit. We employ only reliable, courteous medical personnel, and we greatly emphasize punctuality.

Speed Guaranteed one hour response time.

Our vehicles are equipped with state of the art radio communications as well Global Positional Services to track movement and ensure timely arrival at required destinations.

Safety Measures For Jet Rescue Air Ambulance Safety is a priority ,all aircraft and vehicles are fully equipped with the latest in avionics and safety equipment.

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance will bring the medical team to the organ-procurement hospital and return them to the organ transplant hospital after the [harvest] surgery. Our relationship with our clients is more than a business association. We feel privileged to play a crucial role in saving lives by giving medical teams and patients a strong advantage in their race against time.