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Rate Schedule

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is the only air ambulance company in the world that publishes its rate schedule. Our quoting system is all-inclusive and covers the following items:

Medical Aircraft $20.00 per loaded mile provides a full functioning intensive care jet capable of transporting 1 or 2 patients, 1 or 2 isolettes, with up to a 4 person medical team (Minimum positioning 250 miles)

International Landings $850.00 covers landing fees, handling agents, weather, air traffic services, permits, customs, gratuities, communications, etc. (In some countries such Russia, Japan, China fees are higher) A firm price is provided on all transports.

Euro Control/MNPS $2500 covers air traffic control services across the Atlantic Ocean + throughout Europe. (charged only on flights operating over the Atlantic Ocean)

Overnight Expenses $275.00 per crew member per night Covers expenses incurred by the crew for hotel accommodations, meals and transportation. (Some Pacific Rim areas are slightly higher)

Medical Equipment & Supplies 500.00 per flight Covers all consumable items, drugs, and support equipment. (isolette transports are an additional $1000.00)

Medical Crew Charges Level I $325.00 per patient care hour onsist of a physician, one registered nurse and a respiratory therapist or second registered nurse. Level II $250.00 per patient care hour onsist of a physician and one registered nurse. Level III $150 per patient care hour Consist of two registered nurses or a registered nurse and respiratory therapist. Neonatal I $325 per patient care Hour physician led medical team Neonatal II $255 per patient care Hour NNP led medical team

Ground Ambulances $1500.00 per patient transfer (In a few U.S. cities and several foreign countries ambulance services are higher) A firm written price is provided before all transports.

Origination Fee $500.00 Covers initial assessment, communication charges aircraft readiness