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Worldwide Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Ambulancia Aérea Miami   //

Aeroambulancia Basada en Miami con servicio a el Caribe y Latinoamerica


Jet Rescue Air ambulance es la única Aeroambulancia basada en el Condado de Miami-Dade. Jet Rescue se especializa en el traslado de pacientes críticos por ambulancia aérea desde Centro, Sur América y el Caribe hacia los Estados Unidos.

Una sola Llamada Resuelve todo!

Llámenos y nuestros coordinadores de vuelo le explicarán todo el proceso a detalle. Nos encargamos de toda la logística del traslado y le ayudamos a encontrar hospital receptor en los Estados Unidos



Llame  +1 786 619 1268  Hablamos Español

Worldwide Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Área de Servicio

Jet Rescue brinda servicio mundial de aeroambulancia

Servicio Cama a Cama

Jet  Rescue  provides Bedside to Bedside Service from any hospital in Florida to destinations in the USA or internationally.What this means is that our medical team will arrive at the referring hospital with all the equipment and supplies to either initiate or continue care for the patient that will be transported.

Once our staff arrives with the ground ambulance at the hospital we meet with nurses and/or doctors of the patient to go over medical reports and make sure proper treatment,is given. If necessary our doctor will work with the hospital staff to further stabilize the patient prior to transport.Our Medical team will also meet with the patient and family before transporting the patient to the airport.Our Medical team will be at the patient side at all times during  all phases of transport including during ground ambulance transportation.

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Otros servicios de transporte

No todos los pacientes requieren ambulancia aerea. Para algunos pacientes con  problemas médicos menores ofrecemos::

  • Escolta Médica en línea Comercial​

  • Camilla en Línea Comercial (Solo Transcontinentales Europa y Asia)​

  • Jets Ejecutivos

international air ambulance
Worldwide Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Cobro Directo A Aseguradoras

Jet Rescue tiene convenios establecidos con las principales aseguradoras de Estados Unidos y Latino América. En la mayoría de los casos, después de que obtenemos una autorización, el paciente solo tendrá que pagar un deducible o coaseguro. 

air ambulance insurance

1. How often are patients medically repatriated back to their home country?

No one plans for an illness or an injury while  traveling or on vacation.

Unfortunately, the answer is all the time. At Jet Rescue Air Ambulance, we transport a minimum of 10 travelers from international destinations every month. 

Patients who have this experience abroad usually return to their nation of origin immediately to ensure they are receiving the best possible care from in-network providers before their condition worsens.

2. What are some challenges patients can face during the medical repatriation process?

Depending on where the patient is at the time of the medical emergency, it may be difficult to get around language barriers. Communication issues can make it difficult to speak with physicians and healthcare staff abroad, making it harder to define a clear treatment plan and challenging to receive the right level of care or pain management when necessary.

Paying for medical care can also be very challenging,Some facilities will NOT accept your home health plan to pay for services.

At Jet Rescue Air Ambulance, we have a multilingual staff to quickly receive the details needed from the sending facility and to ensure we have all the information we need before an air medical flight.

Our Flight Crews have visas in place to fly immediately to countries that require entry Visas whenever necessary. 

3. How is the receiving facility selected – can the patient or family member request a specific hospital or center of excellence?

Our Flight Coordination team works with the patient and their family members to select a receiving facility to prepare for medical repatriation. Your Flight Coordination representative may make recommendations based on our experience with facilities in the area. Most of these flights arrive at the closest "point of entry" or nearest receiving facility  in the patient’s country of origin, but possibly outside of their home state.

However, your  destination could vary based on patient condition, stability, and preference. Your Flight Coordinator will work with the receiving facility to ensure the patient is accepted before arrival. And in the event that the facility is unable to accept the patient, our Flight Coordination and Clinical team will work with you to find alternatives.

4. How do you know a patient is stable enough for air travel?

Before every flight we perform a pre-flight medical evaluation of patient records and consult a physician or nurse from the sending facility. Our air ambulance med flight crew also performs an onsite bedside evaluation on each patient ahead of the flight to ensure they are able to fly.

Most patients are approved for air travel for medical repatriation. The medically configured Learjet fleet includes all of the technology of a hospital ICU  and travel at higher altitudes for minimum turbulence and a smoother, gentler flight for critical patients.

5. Does insurance cover medical repatriation flights back to the patient’s home country?

That depends on your plan, everyone’s insurance plan is different. Coverage for overseas air medical evacuation is usually available from commercial insurance, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. It’s a good idea to research your own plan before traveling outside of the country so you’re already informed in the event of an emergency.

Most insurance providers will cover emergent flights to the closest receiving facility. Emergent flights include flights where a life, limb, or bodily organ is at stake.

Call Jet Rescue toll-free at 1-877 704 8396 or call International at =1 786 6191268 if you’re overseas, and our team of patient advocates will work with your insurance provider to qualify you or your patient for air ambulance insurance coverage whenever possible.

6. What types of medical equipment are included on medical repatriation flights?

Every air ambulance  jet is medically equipped with a LifePort stretcher system, ventilator, oxygen, suction, three channel IV med pump, multiple drips and lines on board. Our Medical Flight crew has advanced training in critical care procedures and can administer medication for pain management and other ailments when necessary.

7. Why is it important to transport these patients as quickly as possible?

It is important to repatriate patients back to their country of origin in a timely manner before their condition worsens and they become unable to fly. That means finding the right facility and handling any necessary paperwork must be addressed as quickly as possible.

Patients also look to medically repatriate to avoid healthcare debt and ensure they are receiving the highest level of care from an in-network healthcare provider. While Canada and some European countries accept American insurance carriers (when plans include it) facilities in many countries don't. This can mean thousands in resulting medical bill debt, and often the facilities require collection in full prior to the patient’s release.

Check-list para viajeros internacionales

  • Scan a copy of your passport.


Make sure you scan a copy of your passport other identification cards and Insurance Card and keep these photos  on your smartphone and email them to yourself  and someone else not traveling with you for fast access. If your passport is lost or stolen, getting a replacement will be that much easier.

  • Download apps for safety.Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, it’s smart to have the following apps handy while traveling:

Uber: When public transportation is hard to navigate, background-checked Uber drivers are available in most countries.

BSafe: You’ll want to have your friends and family download this app If you are ever in a situation that feels unsafe, the app provides your friends with your location, has them “follow” you on-screen as you walk, and lets you send them an SOS alert if you are panicked. Even if they cannot physically come to your rescue, they can notify the local authorities who can.

Google Translate Will help you communicate with the locals in case they don't understand english.Extremely helpful during an Emergency

  • Take your Health Insurance Card with You


This might seem obvious, but having  either Health or Travel insurance is an absolute must before you ever leave the country. Most Health plans cover out of country repatriation for medical emergencies to the closest appropriate medical center. Check your plan summary or speak with a representative to make sure you understand emergency air medical repatriation benefits. Some plans will get you to the highest care available in a nearby country, but won’t cover travel to your home country.

Some credit cards like the Platinum Card from American Express and Chase United Club Card offer benefits that cover different travel expenses, including emergency air medical evacuations in Case of a medical emergency.

Worldwide Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Certificados Ante EURAMI

Jet Rescue es una de las pocas companias en el mundo certificadas por el Instituto Aeromedico Europeo, el cual se encarga de certificar que la compania cunmple con Estandares Internacionales.

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