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Medical Transport  | Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Transporting Senior Patients by Air Ambulance //

Need a medical flight to transport a Senior Domestic or International?

Jet Rescue air ambulance has over twenty years experience providing international and domestic air ambulance service across the United States.

If you have a patient, friend or family member who needs an  air ambulance service  contact Jet Rescue Air Ambulance immediately.


Florida is one of the nation’s most busy travel destinations. In the first half of 2017, more than 60 million tourists visited the state. Tourists visiting Florida from other states and countries sometimes need to return home via medical transport for the treatment or rehabilitation they need after an unexpected injury, accident, or illness.

The state is also home to a growing senior population, surpassed only by California. Florida is home to 3.3 million residents age 65 or older. Unfortunately, senior patients often require an air ambulance or (Jet Rescue to reach specialty care or care closer to family members in other parts of the country. Jet Rescue’s  clinical staff is extremely experienced in medical transports for all critical care patients, including senior patients.

We know that when it comes to getting patients to the care they need, every moment counts. That’s why our flight coordinators, dispatchers, and patient advocates are here 24/7 – so our patients can reach the care they need when they need it most. Our medically configured Lear jets provide the safety and comfort needed in medical flights. 2 pilots fly on every mission, while a  certified flight Doctor (MD) and a nurse (RN) or flight paramedic (EMT-P) focus on your patient.

Why is jet Rescue different?

At Jet Rescue, we strive to have the industry’s highest standards for our medical flight team training and certification. Our certified Doctors, nurses  and paramedics  on board provide care for patients on every one of our flights.

Every Jet Rescue clinician receives routine exams and comprehensive training on essential patient and air medical procedures. On average, the majority of our clinicians have more than a decade of critical care experience and have generally earned additional specialty certifications, including CCRN, CEN, CCP-C, CCEMTP. They also have a high-level awareness of the industry participation with  other industry related organizations to ensure every patient receives the care they need.

Every member of Jet Rescue’s Medical Flight team is required to maintain board certification in the flight specialty, (FP-C and CFRN) so they can provide care to our patients in a controlled environment.

Our air ambulance medical team members regularly transport critical patients to and from Florida for treatment, specialty care, and rehabilitation. If you, a loved one, or patient is having a medical crisis in the Florida area or needs a medical flight to receive treatment from a healthcare provider there, our air ambulance teams will provide the best care available in the air.

Trust the air ambulance company with the highest patient ratings.

Jet Rescue has the highest patient satisfaction ratings online. Our modern Lear jets fly at higher altitudes for a smoother and faster flight. These air ambulances include all the necessary critical care components.

Our medical team members provide you with complete care from bedside-to-bedside so you or your patient can travel comfortably. We leave room for up to two loved ones or family members to ride along.


Your flight coordinator, medical flight team and your sending and or receiving facility work together to cover all of your healthcare needs, including oxygen, medications, IV fluids, nutrition, and any other necessary accommodations.

We understand that every moment counts. Quickly and easily navigate your air ambulance options and qualify for any available insurance with our flight coordination team members. We are here around the clock to support your patient needs – call us toll free to speak with a flight coordinator 24/7 at 877 704 8396.

Jet Rescue flies statewide.

Our air ambulances are available for flights to and from all of the airports across the state of Florida.

Jet Rescue can transport you, your patient, or loved one home or to any healthcare facility you select. (Please consult your primary care provider for facility referrals, clearance, and facility availability.)

International Flights in the Caribbean

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance specializes in Worldwide Air Ambulance medical transportation Our  medical flight coordinators are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English with several staff members that speak various other languages.

Throughout the years We have developed very valuable relationships in remote and difficult to access countries. These relationships allow us to provide Emergency Air Ambulance  Worldwide Service with very short notice. Our medical jets are  constantly transporting clients internationally Jet Rescue International Air Ambulance can assist with admission administration to any hospital in the Caribbean,Mexico, USA,Europe or Asia. Jet Rescue impressive fleet has 10 worldwide air ambulance jets . All aircraft are medically fitted for intensive and critical care transport.Our Standard medical team onboard is a Critical Care Doctor and Paramedic, both with credentials in specialized critical care transport. Please contact Jet Rescue international Air Ambulance Flight Coordination Department to discuss and ask any questions about  international air ambulance services, .Our Air Ambulance Specialists will do all the necessary arrangements to conduct the air ambulance flight. We will also contact your insurance company to arrange direct payment of the international air ambulance service.

One Call ,Does it all!

Jet Rescue’s outstanding air ambulance service begins before you board with our Flight Coordination team. You will speak with a flight coordinator who will explain every detail of your air ambulance flight.You call us, we arrange everything!

Medical Transport  | Jet Rescue Air Ambulance
Other Medical Transport Services

Not all patients require Air Ambulance, for those patients with minor medical problems we offer:

  • Commercial Medical Escort

  • ​Stretcher on Commercial Airlines

  • ​VIP Executive Jets

Service Area

Jet Rescue Provides air ambulance service Nation wide in the United States and also from all major cities in Mexico,The Caribbean and Latin America including, Cancun,San jose,Panama City,Santo Domingo,etc

Specialty Critical Care Transport

SCT is provided on specially equipped long range learjets, the interior of the medical jet has been specifically designed and equipped for the transport of the high-acuity patient. No other regional provider of air ambulance transport in the area offers comparable resources or medical oversight.


  • Burns

  • Cardiac

  • Trauma

  • Ventricular Assistance Device

  • ECMO

Bedside To Bedside Air Ambulance Service

Jet Rescue provides Bedside to Bedside Service. What this means is that our medical team will arrive at the referring hospital with all the equipment and supplies to either initiate or continue care for the patient that will be transported.


Once our staff arrives with the ground ambulance at the hospital we meet with nurses and/or doctors of the patient to go over medical reports and make sure proper treatment,is given. If necessary our doctor will work with the hospital staff to further stabilize the patient prior to transport.Our Medical team will also meet with the patient and family before transporting the patient to the airport.Our Medical team will be at the patient side at all times during  all phases of transport including during ground ambulance transportation.

Neonatal  & Pediatric Critical Care Transport

Our team of neonatologists is available for the transport of critically ill newborns 24/7. After an initial consultation, our medical team will arrive at the sending facility, with all the specialized medical equipment to safely transport the patient. We will work with the doctors and staff to further stabilize the patient as needed. We can continue all previously ordered medication and/or infusions en route back to the receiving facility Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Additional therapies can be initiated during travel; The transport isolette and extra equipment provide full critical care during all stages of the transport.

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International Air Ambulance

Jet Rescue Specializes in long distance international air ambulance flights. As an Air Carrier with International Authority we fly where others can´t. We often fly to the most challenging or remote areas in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominicana, Aruba, Cuba, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, including the Galapagos islands and the rest of the Caribbean. Our expert pilots have the experience, and knowledge to fly to of all this airports.Jet Rescue´s flight coordination department is able to obtain international air ambulance permits in Latin America including Panama in a matter of minutes. For a safe, quick and reliable air ambulance service in Panama, including Tocumen call our flight coordination department at any time.

 Direct Billing to Insurance Companies

When a medical crisis strikes the least thing you want to worry about is the financial burden that a serious medical emergency can signify. We are here to help! We will work with your insurance company so you dont have to come up with any up-front expenses. 

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